Letter #14

So it is now 9 days past your due date and you’re still not here. We’re doing all the stupid things that everyone insists will work to get you out, but you’re not budging. We go to the doctor every few days, and they do all sorts of tests, but everything looks good – you look good. But still no baby Leia!
As I write this letter, I’m actually sitting in a theatre, waiting for the final Harry Potter movie (your mom will come closer to when the movie is supposed to start!). You were in your mother’s womb when we went to see 7.1! You were supposed to be out by now. Honestly, as you are our child, I’ve wondered for some time if you might wait and come after we went to the movie, knowing that we won’t let you read this book or watch this film for many years! Who knows. I can’t wait to meet you though, and see if you share our love of great stories.
Leia, I have to be honest, though, this delay has me worried. I can’t help but think that you are unhappy, that we’ve done something wrong, or that you’d rather have different parents. Don’t worry, I know that these feelings are biologically impossible at this point, and that the reasons for your delay have nothing to do with this sort of stuff. Reason aside, however, you’ll understand one day that you won’t be able to help having some of these worries. Oh well, I know you’ll come in God’s timing, exactly when you’re ready.
Fortunately, you have a very good doctor. Dr. Johnson is very supportive of our desire to have you “naturally,” especially without the use of chemicals and drugs to force you out. Your mother and I both feel very strongly that induction is less than ideal. We want you to come out when you’re ready. That being said, or doctor doesn’t want to let you go later than two weeks, and we share his sentiments. So, next Wednesday night, July 20 is the point of no return. If you don’t come on your own before that night, we’ll go into the hospital that evening to begin the procedures, meaning you’ll probably be born on July 21, 2011. We’ll take you whenever baby girl, but we’d really prefer for you to come before that – on your own.
So, sit back, relax, and enjoy listening to the final installment of the tale of “the boy who lived,” and then maybe you’ll be ready to make your grand appearance?!
Your [Less Than Patient] Father

Letter written on July 15, 2011

One response to “Letter #14

  1. You and Lauren were very courageous and highly admired! I am glad sweet little girl is here now! You are both going to be amazing parents.

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