Letter #17


Early last week you had an upper GI scan.  The fed you barium and watched its progress through your digestive system.  That scan revealed that you have a pretty bad case of reflux.  That, combined with a few feeding changed (including having to wake you up in the middle of the night to feed you) has resulted in you gaining almost 8ozs in four days!  That is terrific news!  We were beginning to get very worried about you.  You gained weight really quickly , and you grew four inches in six weeks, but you plateaued in the weight department.  Thank God you’re gaining again!

We’re now going to a Speech Pathologist for a few weeks to strengthen your mouth muscles (because you’re a lazy sucker! :-() and hopefully after that we’ll be more in the clear.  We go back next Friday after our trip to New Mexico.  If you’re still growing, hopefully we can let you sleep as long as you want at night again.  Your mother, especially, would really like that!  You’re so healthy other than that one thing.  There’s still a little cause for concern, but I think you’re moving in the right direction!

We love you Lily.  We’re trying our best.  Help us out a little and chunk up a bit!


Your Father

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

One response to “Letter #17

  1. You and Lauren are doing amazing as parents! I love to watch you both develop into these wonderful,patient, and caring parents. I am so proud of you both!
    It helps that you have such a sweet little girl!

    Love you three!

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