Letter #18

Lily in Her Play Gym


Wow Lily, time has flown by and you are growing so quickly!  We took you to your 6 month checkup last week and Dr. Johnson said you were extremely healthy (and beautiful)!  We’re so very happy, and proud of you.

Almost every day there is something new about you to enjoy.  Of all these enjoyable things, though, I must say my favorite is your smile.  Lily you light up when you see me and when you hear my voice.  When I see you smile like that, I can honestly tell you that it melts my heart.  I’m sure you won’t always get so excited by my presence, but while you do I will enjoy every single minute of it!

Another thing that I love dearly is your laugh.  I’m pretty good at getting you to laugh but by far the best time for this is at night, just before your bath, at bedtime.  You know that when I get you changed down to just your diaper, and that you’re just about to go into the bath, that the “Daddy Monster” is coming.  I start kissing and blowing on your little belly and you completely lose it!  In fact, you often lose it before I do anything, out of sheer anticipation.

I love you so much Lily.  Your smile and laugh are definitely two of ht etchings that I love the most.

Unfortunately, as you grow older, you’ll find lots of reasons not to smile or laugh.  I hope you will persevere.  Your smile and laugh have the potential to bring hope in despair little one.  May it always be so.


Your Father

February 1, 2012

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