Letter #19

Giraffe Bank



Dear Lily,

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, your first Valentine’s Day, I wanted to tell you about a promise I’m making to you.  First let me just say ” I love you.”  In the almost seven months since you were born, I’ve discovered a new depth of love, new meaning in life, a deeper level of fulfillment, and greater joy.  My precious daughter you mean so much to me.  Yet, as I was reflecting on this a few days ago, I was reminded that while you’ll always be my little girl, one day you’ll become someone’s girlfriend, then fiancée, and then wife.  Obviously i have lots of hopes, dreams, and expectations for what that man will be like.  Who he will be, though, will not be up to me.  Most Fathers really struggle with this idea, thinking that they are “losing” their little girl.  So, in the hopes that I’m prepared, I’ve decided to put money in a special piggy bank (it actually is a giraffe) every year.  The money is to be used for your wedding dress, or the wedding itself….  Each time I put money in the jar, I will say a prayer for your future, specifically for the mean you will give your heart to one day.  I will pray that he will be worthy of your hearth, that he will love you for who you are, that he will love and follow God, that he will be willing to forsake all others, even himself, for you, and that he will love and serve you selflessly, forever.

This morning, I put in 100 $1 coins (I’d been saving them since Christmas….I was saving them for the right purpose).  With each coin I said a prayer for you, your future, and for that man.  Most years I’ll just put in a bill or bills, but I will always pray.  One day, you’ll be allowed to break open the bank – I pray that it is because my prayers have come to fruition.

Until that day, stay my little baby Valentine.  Thank you for the unconditional love you show me.

I will always love you.


Your Father

February 13, 2012

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