In Memory of Tom

Tom, Anne, Lauren, and I at the Isle of Skye in Perth

I can hardly believe it, but yesterday it was one month since Tom Findlay passed away.  Tom was a dear, dear friend of ours, and he is truly missed.  Tom was the first Scot I met in Scotland.  I’ll never forget the day he collected me from the train station in Perth.  He and Anne took me to the Glover Arms (mmmmmhhhhhh Fisherman’s Pie and Fish Cakes!) before driving me out to Octhertyre.  It was the beginning of a long friendship.

Unfortunately, our friendship was cut short, just a few months before we would have been able to see him again.  Now we’ll have to wait much longer – but we will see him again.

Here is a short statement about Tom and his impact on Lauren and I that I wrote for his funeral.  My good friend Derrick Thames had the opportunity to speak for a few minutes and asked me to put it together.  I have no idea how much of this he was able to share, so I figured I’d just put it here in my blog.

Tom Findlay was a great man: one of the best men, in fact, I’ve ever met.  Tom could be rough around the edges at times, but his heart, and his soul, were made of the gentler, meeker stuff that Jesus instructs his followers to pursue.  I only knew Tom for the past four years, but in that time he has left an indelible mark on me and upon my family.  I still keep looking for his name to pop op on Skype and for him to call me at the strangest hours, just to catch up, and to fill me in on the latest happenings at the Nazarene church in Perth, and in Scotland as a whole.  Tom had taken to sending me books that either he thought I should read, or that he knew I wanted to read.  Often times they were rare and hard to fine.  There is still one book in the post that Tom sent to me.  I fully expect to shed tears of both grief and joy when it arrives.
A few months before Lauren and I left Scotland in 2009, Tom helped me with the process of getting our little car past all the yearly inspections.  I asked Tom for a recommendation of a mechanic.  Tom took that as a challenge to fully take care of the entire process, regardless of the cost, and having not been asked to do so!  £600 later, our Peugeot was in good shape again (at least until Derrick & Dayna bought it from us! :-))  When I told Tom that I should pay for it, he said this: “Rusty, I know that money is tight for you right now, and it is not for me.  I want to do this.  One day, you will encounter a young minister with promise and they will be in need of a blessing, and of mentoring – when that day comes, you can pay me back by helping her or him.  Until then, don’t worry about it.  You don’t owe me anything at all.  I want to do this.  As a matter of fact, I’ve already done this!”  Then he said, “Just do me a favor Rusty, don’t tell Anne!”  That was the kind of man Tom was.  Anne, Tom spent £600 fixing our car.  We didn’t ask for it, but honestly at the time we couldn’t really afford it either.  It came to us as grace.  Your Tom was a man of grace.  I hope you can forgive him for keeping that from you!  🙂
Lauren and I love the Findlays very much.  Together, their kindness, gentleness, and love, bear a great witness to Christ’s love for all of us.  Tom you will be dearly missed.  I can’t believe that when we come to visit this summer, that you will be gone.  Anne, you are and will remain in our prayers, and we look forward to seeing you soon.
May God’s grace and peace give us comfort, when nothing else can.
Your Friend,
Rusty Brian

One response to “In Memory of Tom

  1. This is a lovely tribute, Rusty. Tom’s impact on our lives cannot be put into words, and yet I am certain that your friendship was a great blessing in his life as well. Til we meet again…

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