Letter #20


You turned 9 months old this week.  It’s really hard to fathom this.  During the last month or so, you seem to be growing exponentially!  I had to drop down your crib yesterday because you lift yourself up so well!  We’re also getting ready to buy you a new “big girl” car seat because you are so darn long.  We no longer have any reason to be concerned about your weight  – you’re definitely good there!  But you are still so tall (long…whatever)!  And then there’s the fact that you are just about crawling.  You seem to have forsaken rolling all around the room to get around and have chosen, instead, to lay on your stomach and move forward (mainly).  You’re moving your arms, pushing off with your feet, and lifting up onto your knees.  You have yet to figure out how to effectively coordinate all of these movements, but you will – and soon!  Lily, you are simply growing too fast!

I used to make fun of your Mother for saying things like that.  But since moving to KC and starting a 2nd job, my window of time to see you and love on you each day is quite limited.  I have to admit, I hate this.  Some days I leave the house before you wake up, and when I get home, I get maybe 2 hours to spend with you before kissing you good night.  I do my best to do nothing but spend that time with you and your Mom – but it’s just not enough, not for me anyway.  I’m going to have to make some changes I think.  This time with you is just too precious.

Lily, you’re growing SO quickly.  You’re so smart and beautiful – your smile melts my heart, and your little laughs make me smile even in the darkest times.

I want you to grow up – I really do.  But maybe you could do so a little slower?!


Your Father

Monday, April 23, 2012

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