Letter #22

Lily With Her New Glockenspiel                                                 

(Yes, I realize I skipped #21…sorry, that one’s private!)

Dear Lily,

You appear to be a musical child – it’s one of my favorite things about you so far.  Even when you were in the womb, music seemed to excite you.  This is certainly true now, as you dance and smile and even clap along with music!  I can’t tell you how my heart skips when I see you so happy and excited about music.

A few nights ago, you and I were hanging out upstairs.  I was was sitting at the desk and you were in your exersaucer (I think that’s what it’s called!) – we call it your office.  Anyway a Coldplay song that I like came on Pandora (Pandora is an internet radio application), and I decided to grab my guitar and play along.  (One of the few contemporary songs I know!)  You’ve heard me play before, but it has been several months.  You smiled an incredibly huge smile, and your eyes lit up as you watched me and the guitar.  Soon you began to clap along – and yes, it was on rhythm!  It was almost like we had a little band, you and I.  It was a truly special moment that I’ll never forget.

Music is an expression of the soul, it conveys goodness, truth, and especially beauty in a way that words and even deeds cannot compare with.  Lily you cannot talk yet, and your cognitive abilities are quite elementary at this point, but even now, your soul is on display in a raw and powerful way.  Your mother and I see it and feel it in your smile, your laugh, your embrace and your kisses, and in my opinion, your soul radiates through your obvious love for music.  I can’t wait to watch this blossom and develop.  I think maybe we’ll have to try you out at piano lessons at a very young age.  Who knows…..

Thank you for sharing a glimpse of your soul with me my child.  It is beautiful – you are beautiful – in every way possible.


Your Father

June 30, 2012

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