Letter #23




Dear Lily,

You turned one year old this week my girl.  1 Year!  During the first few months of your life, when we were barely sleeping, we thought we’d never make it!  But we did.  You’ve grown into such a healthy and happy little girl – you make us so happy Lily.  Your Gigi and Pops came to visit.  Larissa, Brent, and Camden drove up from Arkansas.  Tiffany, David, and Milo came, and so did your friend Nora and her mom Megan!  We ate sandwiches and watched a really nice slideshow.  AFter that we all sang to you and ate cupcakes.  You ate a cupcake, too – your first sugar!  We were amazed at how well you ate the cupcake.  You ate it all – the entire thing!

Afterward we went to the splash park and you had a blast.  You crawled into the water spouts with reckless abandon.  You sat under the various mists and showers and never once acted afraid.  You are such a big, brave, adventurous young lady.  I love that about you.  I hope you never lose this quality.  You truly are the daughter I always hoped I’d have.  Thank you for being so wonderful.

Later that night, your Mom and I stared at each other and said, “we did it!”  We really did.  There have been a few bumps along the way, but all in all I would say that this year was a huge success.  Thanks for making it such a wonderful year full of new joys, new experiences, and lots and lots of love.

Oh, and a couple days later, on your actual Birthday, we went to a pool, just you, and your mom, and I, and again, you just had a blast!  So many people commented about your smiles and how you seemed so happy and unafraid.  We had so much fun together as a family that day, celebrating your birthday with you.

With all my heart, Happy Birthday dear, dear Lily.  May this be the first of many MANY more splendid birthdays!


Your Father

June 21, 2012

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