RCN Advent 2014 Reflection #1

Beginning yesterday, the first day of Advent, I’ll be posting a short Advent reflection on the Facebook page of the Church that I pastor. If you attend Renton Church of the Nazarene, I’d like to strongly encourage you to go to the Facebook page and like us. This is going to be the best way of receiving up-to-date information about what’s happening at RCN. For those of you not on Facebook, though, I’ll also post the reflections here. May they be helpful.

Advent Reflection #1
Mark 13:33-37

Advent begins this year with a charge to keep away, to be alert, to be ready. This couldn’t be a more appropriate charge, amidst a world in tumult. Riots, violence, wars, and rumors of wars, deadly diseases, and poverty, just to name a few, indicate that we are living in just such a time as Jesus described in this passage.

Though things might grow desperate, he calmly reminds his disciples that he will be with them, and that he will return. They don’t have to fix all the problems in the world, but they also aren’t supposed to hide away, pretending all is well. Instead, they are to be alert and ready for their master’s return.
How might we do that? Well, I’m convinced that we won’t receive him very well, or the Kingdom that He brings with him, unless we begin to live according to his teachings now. Simply put: we must love God and love others. That sounds simple, and yet is anything but. That is the task we must put ourselves to, if we want to receive him well when he returns.

He will return, when he does, will you be ready? Not for the judgment, but even to recognize him in the first place?

Be alert.

Keep awake.

Come Lord Jesus.

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