RCN Advent 2014 Reflection #2

Advent Reflection #2
Matthew 8:5-11

To the Roman centurion – a hated and despised representative of an oppressive regime that would eventually kill him – Jesus says, “I will come and cure him.”

The centurion was ready. He was awake and aware of the power and promise of Jesus of Nazareth. While others despised and doubted him, the centurion had a glimmer of hope – enough that he risked embarrassment to ask Jesus to come and heal his servant. (It seems not only did the centurion risk embarrassment, he risked being viewed as weak for caring so much for a servant . . . ) Understanding the chosen nature of Israel, and the oppressive nature of the Roman empire, Jesus nonetheless looked upon this soldier as a child of God His Father, and had pity upon him and upon his servant.

Jesus’s response is one that we must hear as well. “I will come and cure you.” He has and he will.

Are you awake and aware? Do you perceive the need for healing in the first place? Are you watching for him? Are you willing to risk all to ask for Jesus’s help?

To you, Jesus says, “I will come and cure you.”

Come Lord Jesus.

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