RCN Advent Reflection #4

Advent Reflection #4
Matthew 15:29-37

After many days of teaching and healing on a dry dusty mountain, Jesus noticed the hunger and thirst of the crowds and took pity on him. Without even voicing this issue, Jesus noticed the need, had pity, and addressed it. It is no different for us. Sure, we’re not with him on a dry, dusty mountaintop, but Jesus looks upon our needs – the basic necessities that we all have in life – has compassion and provides.

How has God provided for you recently?

For the disciples, though, this was a bit of a challenge. All they had to work with was the seven loaves and a few small fish they had with them. This would not be enough! They also, though, carried with them the memory of the miraculous feeding of the 5,000 (which like here didn’t even account for women and children, so more like 10,000+). They had learned the lesson that what they had was enough – enough for God to bless and multiply to meet their needs as well as the needs of others.

You see the disciples were hungry too. The temptation would have been to hold on to their own food, and ensure that they were fed, before giving anything to others. But they had learned that this is not the way that God’s Kingdom works. Instead, they gave all – and Jesus blessed and multiplied the food to the extent that after the broken, uneaten pieces were gathered, there remained seven basketfuls!

What you have is enough – for God to bless – if you’re willing to give it to God. Will you be blessed as you are a blessing?

Come Lord Jesus.

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