RCN Advent Reflection #5

Advent Reflection #5
Matthew 9:27-31

In this passage, two blind men are following Jesus asking for mercy. Entering into a home, they finally catch up with Jesus. He asks the two blind men if they truly believe that he can heal them, to which they answer, “yes, Lord.” He heals them immediately.

The image of these two blind men following Jesus, who eventually have their eyes opened is a powerful one. In many ways, all of us who follow Jesus – you and me – need our eyes open as well. We aren’t fully aware of our blindness, and yet we grope along in the darkness of sin, despair, and doubt just the same. We are blind to the goodness and the power of God’s Kingdom. His ways are almost unintelligible to us at time, because they are so counter-cultural.

The good news is that Jesus can heal us. We must follow him, desire for our eyes to be opened, believe that he can do it, and then have the courage to use our eyes once they are opened.

We must have our eyes and ears opened if we are to truly follow Jesus. He’s willing to do this. Are you?

Give us new eyes, Lord Jesus.

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