RCN Advent Reflection #6

Advent Reflection #6
Matthew 17:10-13

The need for fixing one’s sight is again apparent today in our passage. In explaining John the Baptist – who people don’t really seem to see or understand – Jesus points out that Elijah, too, was misunderstood by the people. They didn’t see him for what and who he really was. Elijah, John the Baptist, and even Jesus himself all share this unintelligibility. People saw them, but they didn’t truly perceive them, let alone understand them. Why?

God had been preparing God’s people for them for a long time. And yet, they were just too different, too unlooked for.

If these three, who were so obviously full of God’s Spirit, were misunderstood then, what makes you think we understand them now? Most importantly, what makes you think we understand Jesus today, or that we’ll even be able to recognize him when he returns? I would argue that we actually run a huge risk of completely missing him altogether. If, that is, we don’t spend the necessary time preparing.

Read Scripture, care for those in need, volunteer and work with children, be a faithful member of your church – these are just a few of the things that you can do to prepare. Get to know Jesus’s strange ways, and his coming Kingdom, live into it, and when he returns you’ll stand a better chance of recognizing him.

Come Lord Jesus

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