RCN Advent Reflection #7

Advent Reflection #7
Mark 1:4-6

John the Baptist’s job was to prepare the way for the Lord. Think about that – that means his entire life was lived for someone else. Everything he did, his job, his lifestyle, his habits and practices, all lived for someone else. His entire life pointed away from himself and towards Jesus.

A devotional book I’ve been reading pointed out that, “the attraction of John the Baptist was mysterious. People flocked to him, not to be flattered but to be told the truth.”

John was prepared. He prepared others as well. Those around him didn’t struggle as much as others to recognize, receive, and follow Jesus.

Have you been prepared? Read Isaiah 40:1-11. Consider how none of the soil was ready – all had to be prepared. How does your life reflect such preparation? How might you prepare the way for Jesus?

Prepare the way.

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