RCN Advent Reflection #9

Advent Reflection #9
Matthew 18:12-14

Advent is a time to watch little ones. Pay attention to the excitement, joy, and anticipation they experience – it’s contagious. Sure some of this is about presents, and possibly about Santa, but it is about so much more as well. My daughter is very persistent each and every day about opening her advent calendar, hearing her Jesse Tree story, and hanging her ornament on the Jesse Tree. She is expectant, excited, and filled with wonder at it all.

If you pay attention to little children at all, your own or others, they will steal your heart. Their innocence and youth will have a profound affect. In your care for them, you will likely strive to help them avoid any pain, sorrow, or loss that might come their way.

Our passage today reminds us that Our Father in Heaven feels the same about us. He loves us. He will never stop loving us. He desires for all of us to live forever in healing relationship with Himself and with others, and not to perish. He would do anything to make this happen – to save even one of his precious little ones from perishing. He HAS done everything, to chase after us, to win us back, to rescue us. HE sent his Son, the best that he has, and gave him up, that he might win us back. Wow! That is love. “Amazing love, how can it be, that Oh my God, shouldst die for me?,” as Charles Wesley wrote.

Not only has God done this for us in Jesus, but He keeps doing this through Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit. God is a God who goes out, risking all, in search of His little ones, of even one lost sheep.

This Advent, recognize and rejoice in the way that God rescued you. Pay attention to the way that God is rescuing others. Don’t be jealous, but rejoice. His love for the 99 is immense. His love for the lost one is unimaginable and unstoppable.

We wait for God’s unstoppable and unimaginable grace embodied. Come Lord Jesus.

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