RCN Advent Reflection #13

Advent Reflection #13
Matthew 17:10-13

Sorry, for those following along at home, the devotional schedule listed chapter 7 rather than 17 today. My apologies.

So why all this constant talk of preparation? Why must Elijah come before Jesus? Why the prophets? Why John the Baptist?

The answer is simple: because we’re not ready. Elijah was not always treated well. John the Baptist was not treated well. Jesus was not treated well. This is true of the religious elite, in particular. Those who were supposed to treat these figures well, those who were supposed to already be ready, were not.

When the disciples ask Jesus why there’s a new for a second Elijah, or for John the Baptist, his answer is basically, “if you don’t get the one who is to prepare, how will you get the one being prepared for?” These preparatory figures, then, serve as a trial for us, an opportunity to learn the ways and customs of the Messiah. They show us the things that are important to the Lord, and those things that are not. These preparatory figures increase our odds, even slightly, of recognizing and following Jesus.

It simply cannot be stressed enough – we need preparation if we are to recognize and follow Jesus.

Thank God for Elijah and for John the Baptist.

Help us not to miss you Lord Jesus.

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