RCN Advent Reflection #20

Advent Reflection #20
Isaiah 7:10-14

The people of Israel are afraid, for their enemies have allied themselves, and surely they are now unstoppable. God’s response to the people’s cries is, “trust me.”

Finally God tells King Ahaz to ask any thing of Him so that Ahaz’s fears might be stilled. Ahab refuses, saying he won’t put the Lord God to the test. God’s response, provided hope for far more than just their present situation. Here is the sign that the Lord promises to Ahaz and Israel, “look, the young woman is with child and shall bear a son, and shall name him Emmanuel.” This young man, says God, will do far more than is expected of him. He won’t simply deliver them from their enemies, he will deliver them from evil. He will help them to be good again.

The birth of Jesus was long foretold, but did not when or how it was expected. He was indeed Emmanue, God with us.

Are you prepared for the Messiah?

Come Lord Jesus. Fill us with your hope.

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