RCN Advent Reflection #21

Advent Reflection #21
Luke 1:26-38

When the angel appears to Mary, she is unafraid. This is rare.

He greets her as “favored one.” This is, perhaps, even more rare. While clearly the Old Testament highlights many individuals that had God’s favor, this greeting harkens back to God’s choice of Noah. Noah found favor. All else would be destroyed. Noah and his family would be the way to begin again. The way to fix the world. Of course we know how that turned out, and thus things reached this point.

Mary, therefore, is a VERY special and important person.

  • After hearing the message of the Angel, these are the things, the fear, that likely would have been running through her mind:
  • Her age (she’s simply too young for all of this)
  • Fear of pregnancy in the first place
  • Losing Joseph as well as her parent’s support
  • Judgment of the entire community
  • The life of a rejected, unclean single mom, which would likely involve homelessness, or else indentured servitude, if not prostitution in order to take care of the baby and herself.
  • Stoning

And yet Mary’s response: “Here I am, the servant of the Lord; let it e with me according to your word.”

What might you learn from Mary’s great faith?

What is God asking you to do?

Thank you Lord, God, for the faithfulness of Mary.

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