RCN Advent Reflection #28

Advent Reflection #28
Luke 2:41-52

The adolescent Jesus is hard to comprehend. Was he clumsy and emotional? Did he have his heart broken? Did he quarrel with his parents? We don’t really know the answer to these and other questions except to say that Jesus was a normal adolescent boy. He grew, matured, and made mistakes. What we do know, is that even as a young boy, Jesus was drawn to the temple – to his Father’s house. Even Jesus desired to learn from the teachers there, and to grow in his knowledge and faith. In his Father’s house, Jesus lost track of time and his earthly family. This is clearly meant to foreshadow the life that he would go on to lead.

Today is a day of corporate worship. Will you go? Will you sit with the teachers? Will you ask questions? Will you get lost in the experience rather than seeking move on to your next activity?

Jesus later tells us that if we have seen him, we have seen the Father. He also tells us that in him, we can be adopted into the household of God as well. We can be God’s children. Thus, the Church (building and body) is our Father’s house too. Go and experience that today as the Church continues to celebrate the Christmas season.

Father God, may your house be our house too.

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